How To Transfer On The Job to a New Computer

This article describes how to move On The Job's data and preferences to a new computer, or recover your On The Job info from a backup.

If you are migrating to a new or replacement computer, and use Apple's Migration assistant this will not be necessary, but if you wish to manually copy your data to a new machine there are two files you will need to move. Both are located in your home folder in the following locations:

In the case of the first item, the entire folder should be copied.

The Library folder is normally hidden, but can be opened most easily from the Finder by holding the Option key and choosing "Library" from the Go menu.

Before copying the files, ensure that On The Job is not running on either machine. Then copy to the corresponding locations on the new computer.

That's it! When you launch On The Job on your new computer, all of your settings and data will be intact.