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Overflow allows you to quickly and easily launch applications, open documents, or access folders. Reduce clutter in your Dock by storing infrequently-used items in Overflow instead.

Any item you see in the Finder can be added to the Overflow interface, making it accessible through a few simple mouse clicks or keystrokes.

Save the Dock for essential stuff and give the rest of your apps, folders, and files a comfortable, more spacious home in Overflow 3.

Visual Organization

Create separate collections for your applications, project files, commonly-visited websites, games, often-needed folders, or anything else that makes sense for you.

Fully Customizable Layout

Rearrange items by clicking, holding the mouse down for a moment, then dragging the item to a new position or collection.
Set Overflow's background color to match your style.
Customize icon size, text size, and icon spacing.

Hot Key Shortcut

Instantly pop open the Overflow window from anywhere using a customizable keyboard shortcut.


With the Overflow window open, just start typing to instantly search for any app or file on your computer. Use type-to-search to find not just items you’ve added to Overflow, but any file on your computer! Filter items by category to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Quicklook Previews

Overflow makes it easy to check the contents of files: just hit the space bar when hovering over an item to open a Quicklook preview.

Full URL Support

Drop URLs or web bookmarks from your web browser or the Finder into Overflow. Works great with Quicklook!

Quick Access Menu

Access stored items quickly by right-clicking the Overflow menu bar icon.

Keyboard Support

In addition to type-to-search, you can use the keyboard to control almost every aspect of Overflow.
Key ComboAction
Arrow KeysSelect items, then launch them using the return key.
⌘-up / down arrowMove up or down through the collections list.
⌘-numberSelect a collection corresponding to the number pressed.
SpacebarOpen a Quicklook preview of the currently-selected item.
Option-ClickOpens an item without closing the Overflow window.
⌘-ClickReveal the clicked item in the Finder.
EscapeHide the Overflow window.