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On The Job - Professional Time Tracking and Invoicing


Version 3.0.9 (3.7 MB)

Requires OS X 10.7

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On The Job is an application designed to help you track your time and expenses, and bill your clients by easily and quickly creating professional invoices. On The Job is straightforward and easy to use letting you focus on what's important.
It all starts with Clients. Track client information such as names, addresses, and hourly rates. Create fully customizable settings for invoice number generation. Clients contain Jobs and Invoices, both of which can be organized into folders.
Jobs can contain four basic types of items: Timed, Fixed Cost, Quantity, and Mileage. These items correspond to line items on an invoice.
Timed items track time in timing sessions. A new session is added each time the timer is run. If you need to quickly add or adjust times, you can use Quick Add (for those times a client calls you at one in the morning and the last thing on your mind is starting a timer) and Quick Modify (in case you forgot to stop the timer when you started working on something else).
CurrenciesBilling in multiple currencies?
No problem, each client can use a different currency, and you can format it any way you like.

Custom hourly rates

The hourly rate set for the client is used by default, however this can be overridden for individual job items that need their own rate.

Idle Timer

Automatic idle time detection is built in. If
you've left the timer running and walked away from your computer, On The Job will alert you when you return and give you the option of removing the time from your job.

Menu Bar Status Item

See the status of your timer at a glance with the handy menu bar status item. Quickly start or stop the timer, or switch to a different task without ever bringing up the main window.
On The Job offers flexible invoice creation. Create invoices for specific date ranges, covering a single job, or spanning multiple jobs.
Several invoice templates are included, but the real power shines through when you use the integrated template editor to create your own templates. Easily match existing stationery by dropping in a PDF background, or lay out graphical elements within the editor. Choose exactly what you would like to appear on the invoice. Include information such as footers, payment terms or tax information.
The template editor is flexible enough to create more than just invoices. Quotes or time-sheets are just a few clicks away, since you can arrange tasks by type or date, and hide any columns you don't want to show up.
Invoices can also be custom tailored into any language or wording you like - you're not stuck with the built-in choices.

Track Unpaid Invoices

Through the use of the Outstanding Invoices report view, you can see at a glance which invoices are unpaid, coming up to the due date, or overdue. If invoices have been paid, click the Paid button to clear them from the list.

Automatic Invoice Number Generation

Each Client contains its own fully customizable invoice number generation settings. You can increment an invoice number globally, or locally to that client.

User Profiles

If you have multiple companies, or bill some clients through a company and others from yourself, On The Job can handle it. Create profiles with customized names, addresses, and logos. Assign profiles to your clients and automatically have the correct information appear in any invoices you create.