Freeform - The Vector Drawing App

Freeform is a vector drawing tool for your iPad. Create quick sketches, mockups, or diagrams with this powerful tool. Export your drawings via email in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats, or save to your photo library. Create new designs whenever or wherever inspiration strikes!

There is nothing quite like the experience of interacting with your drawings with your fingers. Download Freeform from the App Store today!

Available on the App Store
Freeform Screenshot

How to use Freeform


Zoom the canvas in or out. Double-tap with two fingers to reset the zoom to 100%.

Two-Finger Drag

Pan around the canvas.

One-Finger Drag

Create objects, select multiple objects, or move the currently selected objects.

Double-Tap or Tap and Hold

Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, or Delete the selected objects.

Two-Finger Rotate

Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, or Delete the selected objects.

Graphics Creation


The main graphic creation tools. From left to right: Pointer, which allows you to modify objects, ellipse tool, rectangle tool, polygon tool, star tool, line tool and path tool. Select a tool other than the pointer, then either tap or drag your finger to create the new shape. After a shape has been created, the pointer tool will be reselected. If you want to draw several shapes in a row, double-tap a tool which will cause it to stay selected.


Opens the color picker which will modify the color of all selected objects. Solid fills, linear gradients and radial gradients are available. Complex gradients can be created with multiple color stops.


Opens the stroke color picker, which will modify the stroke color of all selected objects. You can also add a dash to the outline of an object here.


Turns the grid on or off. This grid is just a visual indicator and does not show up in saved drawings.


Takes you to the document chooser where you can create new documents, or choose a previous document to continue editing. Up to 20 documents can be saved.

Object Manipulation

Group / Ungroup

Group or ungroup objects. Grouping objects allows you to move, resize, or otherwise modify many graphic objects at once. Grouping a single path object will hide the path's individual control points.

Convert to Path

Converts a shape object into a path, with control points and curve handles that you can manipulate.


Brings selected objects forwards or sends them backwards. Brining an object forward will cause it to draw on top of objects at a lower level.


Aligns selected objects, or distributes them horizontally or vertically, depending on the button you tap.


Perform boolean operations on shapes. Union, subtraction, intersection, and exclusion.


Undo and Redo controls.


Gives a list of options for saving your drawing, or showing the in-app help screen.